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Did you lose your job to an H-1B Visa holder

The H-1B Visa program allows companies to hire foreign workers for specialized jobs that can be difficult to fill

H-1B visas are granted through an employer-driven system, which means an employer must apply for the visa. Some employers apply for the visa with plans to layoff an American who now holds the position that will go to the visa holder

Companies must commit to paying an H-1B worker consistent to what they would pay an American, but many companies pay less, knowing that they won't be caught

Numerous American IT workers have been laid off (and then asked to train their H-1B replacements) after their employers hired H-1B visa holders

If you lost your job because it went to an H1-B visa holder (or think you may lose your job to an H-1B visa holder), please report this to the

U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) at this email address:

[email protected]

Please go to this site for more info

Please read this article

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Companies hire H-1B visa holders because they pay them less than they pay an American citizen

Under Federal law, it is illegal to pay an H-1B visa holder less than an American citizen

Companies claim they cannot find a candidate for a particular position; and therefore, must hire an H-1B visa holder.

In a nation of over 350 million people, if a company cannot find someone to fill any position, the company hasn't tried hard enough to find a candidate. The company's goal is to pay someone less - the H-1B visa folder

If you lose your job, you may have lost your job because your company hired an H-1B visa holder instead - and paid them less than they paid you. Fortunately, for you, this is illegal.

Go to this site, and file a complaint against your employer

[email protected]

Please go to this site for more info

Similarly, if you applied for a job for which you are qualified, you may not have been hired because the company hired an H-1B visa holder, and paid them less than they would have paid you had they hired you. This, of course, is illegal. File a complaint against your employer.

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If you'd like to learn more about how H-1B Visas are taking jobs away from Americans, please go to this web site

National Foundation for American Policy

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