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Welcome Aboard StorReduce - Prepare for Layoffs!

As with any company buyouts the inevitable will happen:

  • company layoffs

  • reduction in bloat/similar positions

People who won't be needed:

  • HR

  • management (depending or cutting bloat)

  • higher level employees (cutting bloat or reducing)

  • sales (existing sales people will be folded over into existing Pure Storage sales so you're less valuable than currently unless you're a top performer)

While not advertised Pure Storage regularly fires people all the time thanks to their HR and managers who set things up to micromanage employees to unrealistic expectations. This is then used to then can anyone at any time for any reason to then get rid of employees. Unlimited PTO is a lie as it's through approval and never really happens and it's used in tandem with Pure Storage's policies to fire people. In fact micromanagement is a common occurrance as it's a friends club and they'll then get rid of anyone who isn't popular in the peer pressure rampant alcoholism company. Further, this company sets things up to conveniently get rid of people at any second such as having a health issue (they'll fire you on the last day of the month).

It happens all the time, people just are "gone" or not in the office while they talk about how wonderful it is as they have stacks of boxes available to clear desks off. They're always hiring as they're always firing.

Any key talent leave and head honchos are leaving while also selling their stock yet tell employees to not sell their stock. Further, Pure Storage is questionable in profits as their most recent reports is more to do with taxes than it is to do with the company (which rampantly loses millions of dollars a quarter but will gloss over that by showing other numbers that look great on paper when you don't factor actual cashflow positive status). All the while competitors are eroding their profits so anything to grasp on to expand their portfolio and make more profits.

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