Thread regarding West Corp. layoffs

Not Worth the Stress (LOU)

West, Oh West. Previously West IP Corporation and Smoothstone. When I started here over two years ago, I was excited about learning and getting into a company who, by all reports, showed to be growing.... Ha, was I Sooooooo wrong.

Direct Supervisors: Half of the supervisors don't even know what we do. They pawn off questions to people who are already under massive stress or tell you to "Just do the work" even though you, as a support individual, know you can't preform that task.

Turnover Rate: Expect about a 50% turnover rate of "newbies" coming out of training (One Month) into their first month of phone calls. This is a HIGH-STRESS environment.

Pay: The pay for some portions of the Job is Adequate.... (roughly 15/hr) If you only do Service Requests and not Break/Fix. The knowledge of half of the support staff is equivalent to higher-level support at other companies.

Transparency: There is about 10% transparency from C-levels down to middle/lower management.

Expectations: Don't ever disagree with management unless you want to get a PIN (Performance improvement notification) which is a write-up

in the past two months, this team (not office, team) has seen a 40% increase in ticket volume and 12+ individuals move on/got fired with more to come.

Overall, I would only ever recommend working here to get your knowledge and get out.


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