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We need real leaders!

What Academy is doing over here is deplorable!! When will they wake up and see who the real issues are! We are barking up the wrong trees! Two more talents walked out today because Academy put them in a spot they were not qualified for and made them promises they did not keep. The training they gave them was a joke, their direct leaders FAILED them and those two leaders should have walked out of this building today along with K.C. who allowed this to happen. You are horrible people and I am so happy I do not work for any of you. I hope you all get what should be coming to you! You are bad leaders who couldn’t teach an ant to move a crumb. It’s crazy to me to think of the leaders, real leadership, that was walked out 6 months ago and your still here. This is why we will fail as a company, this is why we have not seen a positive comp in many many many months. This is why we will never go public and this is why ultimately we will go out of business. I hope that is not the case but with the way our “leaders” are moving us forward I can’t see how this ends any other way. Too bad I cannot convince my spouse to move otherwise I would be out before the floor falls out from underneath us.

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Totally agree. Those managers were set up to fail and sad that it had to end like that. Sorry when you decide to merge planning and allocation without actually talking to anyone doing the jobs, it becomes a sh-- show. Academy will continue to go down the drain till there is nothing left.

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lets face it..our company is downhill spiral mode...the talent we have let go in the last year is almost comical...lack of leadership and constantly shifting strategies is a moving target and continues to drive morale and company performance down....we removed all the true leaders we had, that actually LED teams with accountability and coaching and have replaced them with overworked under-qualified managers who are out of their element...we will continue to hemorrhage top talent leaving for other companies that appreciate career growth and's tough to sit here and watch what has happened to this company since they brought in new "qualified" executives a few years back...

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