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Many managers are collecting details of employee domicile(local non local) in Maharashtra offices

Many managers are collecting details of employee domicile(local non local) in Maharashtra offices thro informal channels, be tight lipped your local colleague ask or details on how long you have been in Pune / Mumbai/nagapur and details of place of birth and place of birth of dependents etc.

Local employees and sending information to political parties too

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I do not understand what is the need for developers or even other IT professionals to go to a particular office, a particular desk/cabin and work from there only. It's quite common in US and Europe for IT professionals to work from home(WFH) and a handful of them are working from home on permanent basis. And this has been happening for at least a decade now.

But that sort of culture actually cuts down management flab heavily. What will happen to the huge brigades of these managers that do dirty politics then in firms like Infy, TCS, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, Accenture India, EMC India and the likes. These management heavy shops are crumbling under their own weight. Huge number of non-technical managers are indulging into nepotism, favoritism and politics to save their skin in these times.

Take my word, these people are going to suffer like hell in these changing times. This excessive management is going to bring their own downfall. Couple of more years and we should see at least 2/3 of them rendered redundant for any business. For last 3 years or so, businesses have already stopped paying for managers. And in the present scenario this trend is just accelerating.

Get your hands dirty in code and adapt else perish forever.

Let me be very clear that I'm not against management per se and I've seen certain really good managers as well.

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ultimately maharashtrians will end up big losers as their products will not be sold outside their state

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Some outsiders are being discreetly threatened and being pushed to leave already.

By making this rule the local government has given powerful weapon to fanatics.

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