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GlobalFoundries is one big lie...

GlobalFoundries is going to be sold. If you’re an adult with even a few years semiconductor experience, you know the signs. GF has every symptom. When all those foreign workers start leaving town (yes, GlobalFoundries lies about the high volume of them too!), the party is over. The tax incentives are gone. GlobalFoundries is a joke inside the semiconductor industry. Take a good look at Caulfield’s history at IBM. He’s the clean-up guy. I left a few years ago when I saw his face appear and the first lie came out of his mouth. I remembered him from back in the day at IBM. Run, don’t walk. Sadly, GlobalFoundries is on its way out. It will be sold and not too many holdover employees will be retained. I say this for all of the hard working yet gullible survivors who remain. Now is the test of your “Plan B”. Get every dollar that’s promised to you even if you must retain counsel. Call their bluff. GlobalFoundries hates bad press and loves those back door NDA “settlements”. Some of us got away with done green in our pockets. Ever wonder where we went so fast? We are enjoying life beyond the lies and dirty deception called GlobalFoundries.

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The Malta site will never be sold. No one will want to buy it with its shoddy construction, and utility shortcomings that contribute to wafer loss. A recently retired/laid off friend had spoken to me about the substandard build of the place sine he went up from Fishkill. He said "this place will never make it", but he was only looking for four more years, so he didn't care. Malta will operate on a skeleton crew until Mubudala has enough of losing money. The site will be shuttered, and it will wait for someone to turn it into a warehouse. No semiconductor manufacturee will ever buy it.

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Leaving Hell

I'll build a new tomorrow

Say farewell

'Cause you can't lock me in

Time to go

I'm leaving without sorrow

Kiss my A-- goodbye

'Cause we will never meet again

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Amen brother.

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