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Techies Live with PM Modi - Anand mahindra's ploy to gain publicity fails miserably

Techies Live with PM Modi - Anand mahindra's ploy to gain publicity fails miserably.

After paying bribe to organisers to get front seats and making unwarranted dsiclosure about seoul award to PM modi, M&M showed irrelevant talk and cheap buttering up as part of reputation laundering exercise. (Modi ji apse roshni ubhar rahi hai - cheap chamchagiri style statement)

Put effort in improving culture inside the firms and CSR is not meant to cover up dirt.

u can cheat senior employees and cover it up with CSR and it is not a balancing act for cheating customer and employees

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What roshni? Country is going through a financial crisis and the central is literally begging RBI for money. the biggest move made by our PM called demonitisation has failed and he has no face to show to the public. unemployment is increasing day by day. Only these business families like ambanis, Tatas, Mahindras are the ones who benefited from this government as it has turned blind eye towards labour laws. Dark days are ahead for the youth of our country.

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Modi ji i just ame to know that you won seoul peace prize, hee hee hee. (i paid for it thro sangyong motors subsidiary in S korea)

only techm can showcase CSR wrok done, all other companies can just ask questions.... clearly it is techm event for money for awards (sponsorship and Ads are money payment channels)

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many Indian corporate right from independence have same formulate - dupe the nation for a thousand crores and donate 10 crores to charity and spend 50 crore on publicizing that.

It is a well known Indian business family drama.

sell adulterated childrens food and make huge profit and then donate to orphanages.

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Definitely many layoffs coming in December at TM

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