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Ethics, something ASO knows nothing about

I know the majority of people at ASO have no moral compass (various examples from my time there: being called a b by a bipolar crazed witch and left alone at bar with zero apology, being hit on by team members with girlfriends, thrown under the bus, etc), but the information posted on here is obviously being leaked by HR people. The HR department at ASO has proven time and time again that it has zero ethics. I propose they be the first people to get walked out when this place goes down in flames. In fact, please contact me when ecomm and HR gets walked out, so I can greet them outside with a sign that says “You reap what you sow!” and play JT’s “What goes around comes around” loudly from my car!

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You are not an HR person, but you know how HR works? Ok. Definitely not what they teach in HR courses, but no one at ASO would know.

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first, HR will always do what's the best interest of the company (always remember who's side they're on, and its not EVER). Don't be fooled by sweet voice, seemingly caring attitude...they're not your friend too much legality. And no, I'm not an HR person...

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