Thread regarding Optum layoffs

I'd like to work for OptumRx

I am looking for some input about what it's like to work for OptumRx

Can you share your thoughts?

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I forgot to mention I was one month away from being 61 when the cut the cord and let my department go

Hi. They apparently moved all of my department offshore. The average age was above 55, or so.

If you lived close to the home office, you received a Retirment Package. If not they more or less gave you a little bit of a severance package. I myself worked at UHG/OPTUM 18 years and planned on retiring at 62.

I'm sure they saved a ton of bucks moving offshore and then cutting the cord prior to retirement for the two dozen ready to retire.

Don’t ruin your career working here.

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Look, we live in a very litigious society

Just because a company had been sued does mean that company is a bad company

It might just mean that there are too many lawyers looking to create chaos

I think we have to weigh the good with the bad when you look at the employer

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