Thread regarding NXP layoffs

NXP presents the newest NFC tag solutions

“As the number of connected objects is expected to reach 40 billion by 2022, there is a growing trend of organizations seeking more secure and feature-rich connectivity solutions,” said Phil Sealy, Principal Analyst at ABI Research. “Solutions such as NXP’s will be critical in providing enhanced digital services and customer experiences, while securely protecting products against counterfeits, channel diversions or other types of fraud.”

Glad we’re making progress in this segment. NFC and generally IoT is a rapidly growing market, and it won't be too long before it gets crowded with competition, so its important for us that NXP constantly goes ahead with innovation.

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It’s not secret that IP of NFC is expired and STM’s or other brands of NFC product are stronger, and NFC Taiwan team s---s.

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If they are going to target a specific margin then they are doomed. I remember the DN VP message a couple of years back:"we'll refuse to sell networking chips without at least 60% margins". Well, they did it, took the bonuses for reaching the goal but look where DN is today.

Now i see the same message again. To have a high margin is a good thing but that should come as a result from inovation, not from cost optimization and other cheap tricks that ultimetly will kill you in the long run. In the end is only so much you can do to optimize the cost of an old rusty thing. And then what ?

Given the NXP profile in AUTO where price of the microcontrollers are negociated at cent levels is hard to believe they will reach the margins without loosing something in long term.

Anyhow, i guess the times when this company and board were focusing on inovation are gone. Now is more like a Wall Street business focussed on numbers Q after Q hopping to find fools to budget their bonuses.

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The trouble is the street has no confidence in guidance from the CEO. Nothing good is going to happen to this stock until that changes or revenues beat expectations. If they don't, and the CEO is still not communicating then Houston we have a problem.

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