Thread regarding Thomson Reuters layoffs

TR shafted us all right their (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)

Now this is a story all about how

Refinitiv got flipped-turned upside down

And I'd like to take a minute

Just sit right there

I’ll tell you how TR shafted us all right their

In Wrexham Town born and raised

On the Industrial Estate was where it spent most of it’s days

Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool

Sending records using the SDA tool

When a couple of companies who were up to no good

Decided to f--- over the Avox Club

We lost 1 little contract and TR got scared

They said, "Were movin' you to India so you best be prepared"

Some begged and pleaded with them day after day

But they packed our equipment and sent it on it’s way

They gave us an redundancy and we gave no picket.

We put on our spotify and said, "You can f---ing stick it."

Unemployed line, yo, this is bad

Drinking jagerbombs from a shot glass.

Is this what the people of Wrexham living like?

Hmm, this won’t be alright.

Howard called for some cabs and when they came near

The Sticker sign said "Apollo" and it had a badge in the mirror

If anything I could say that this cab was there

But I thought, "Nah, f--- it."

– "Yo, home to the job center."

I got into the building about 7 or 8

And I yelled to the dolies, "Yo Howard’s a mas----ator."

I looked at my kingdom

We was finally there

To sit on our arses as the dolies of Avox right their.

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More rap

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The irony of this when “Jazzy” is a contributor to our demise ..

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And a football club. For more info, I recommend you visit this link:

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It’s a brand of lager

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@aym, thanks (seriously)

There was the thread earlier where we asked this, and people got triggered. I assumed thats what a wrexham is, but i am not letting on.

So i ask again... wtf is a wrexham?

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This humor makes me proud of my homeland...

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Awesome job. Good luck to all my Brother and Sisters at Wrexham and around the globe. No doubt this will not be the last round to come. In a weird way, the people shown the door in this round may be the luck ones. I'm sure as each round happens it will be worse than the previous one.

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It's a town where a TR/Refinitiv office is based

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Wtf is a wrexham?

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Thank you. Of course this is only meant as fun and just wanted to boost morale in the office as everyone seems so down

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This is art man!!! First class ...dude!

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Sorry for you folks but this post is awesome.

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