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US bank no longer employer of choice

Who wants to work in a place where your job is going to be a Jeopardy after three months, and contractors we'll have a preference over you as a full-time employee? If I ever know anyone who decides to take a job at U.S. Bank, I will make sure to remind them to include a clause as part of their hiring experience to get a severance in case of lay off. Big severance

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Yes, it was confirmed yesterday that ‘efficiency consultants’ have been hired. The confirmation came from an outside source—managers are denying that more layoffs are coming. The best in our group will be the first to leave. Recruiters have started calling and we would all prefer to move on our own terms. This lack of job security does not bring out the best in anyone.

My group is in the Mpls/St Paul market. Please add your location and any details that will make us all more knowledgeable about what is to come.

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