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A number of my former colleagues were let go a few days back. All of them In the TOS project services group. Talk about a hostile world of politics where accomplishments were never celebrated and mistakes were always punished harshly. Incompetent CIO left, but new bulldozer CIO took his place. This group will continue to get impacted as they bring in Agile so-so's from Target. Refresh your resume and be actively talking to your network. Go have coffee with recruiters, learn about what other businesses are doing. Talk to former colleagues who moved on. US Bank owes you NOTHING and you owe NOTHING to US Bank. You owe to yourself.

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Well, @usbank hired a "devops leader" about 2 years ago, fat salary, fat bonus, only walked to meeting rooms to give the SAME presentation for a year. No results. Same this year. Finally let him go. Why do these people keep hiring dead weights who cannot deliver?

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Wonderful! Also see how they keep promoting the faithful and brown nosers. I am relieved by the fact that nothing is forever, not even the anomalies, and that things fall into the right place / people end up where they deserve. For now, I agree. Have a gracious exit strategy.

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