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Let’s deal in actual numbers and move on please

For those that are term they get a pdf of everyone in NA listing title and age along with YES for separation and NO for stay. I got a copy and have parsed out the data. Took me an hour lastnight I posted a reply thread, but people on this board continues to not dealing in facts. At least we know what NA is now.

The pdf is 89 pages, but also lists the stay. There was nearly 5000 rows, hundreds of titles, in total , about 3000 stay 2000 listed as separation

Below is a breakout of the data including term and stay by title for top 25 most occurring title of each group. I also computed average age which is shocking each group is very close

Term list: 1976 Total term titles: 596 Avg Age: 45.4

Account Executive 60

Sr Account Executive 49

Principal Software Engineer 35

Sr Support Engineer 35

Software Engineer 26

Principal Support Engineer 26

Principal, Business Systems Analyst 23

Sr Software Engineer 23

Principal Consultant, Presales 20

Support Engineer 20

Principal, Platform Engineer 20

Principal, SaaS Ops & Delivery 18

Administrative Coordinator 18

Digital Account Manager 18

Sr Administrative Assistant 18

Consultant, Digital Presales 17

Sales Accounting Analyst 17

Support Delivery Manager 16

Sr Principal, FP&A 16

Teacher (up to 3 years) 16

Sr Principal Consultant, Presales 15

Principal, FP&A 14

Finance and Accounting Rotation Analyst 14

Program Director 14

Sr Director, Information Technology 13

Sr Director, Business Unit Sales 13

------> Top 25 titles 574

Keep list: 2861 Total keep titles 461 Avg Age: 45.5

Principal Software Engineer 216

Sr Software Engineer 180

Software Engineer 95

Sr Support Engineer 85

Principal Support Engineer 73

Sr Principal Consultant, Presales 65

Sr Account Executive 59

Sr Principal Software Engineer 59

Sr Services Consultant 53

Principal Consultant, Presales 49

Services Architect 39

Account Director 38

Associate Software Engineer 36

Account Executive 33

Sr Services Architect 32

Principal Services Consultant 30

Manager, Software Engineering 29

Sr Principal Architect 26

Director, Software Engineering 26

Account Manager 24

Principal, Customer Experience Manager 24

Digital Account Manager 24

Principal Information Engineer 21

Sr Principal Product Manager 21

Digital Account Executive 18

Services Engagement Manager 18

------> Top 25 titles 1373

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US citizens are laid off but work visas are not probably because visas are less salary.

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Yes 4 Sr Pilots ages 40,47,51,52

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What about the 4 Helicopter pilots that are in the company? Did they get the boot too since all top people are gone?

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“You don't think that average age of the two categories being very close is an accident, do you?”

At first my code was integer calculation. When both rounded down to 45 I thought for sure I had a mistake. Once I got one decimal place there is no mistake. Makes you wonder if they let go a 60 year old do they find a 30 year old person at random to balance the numbers???

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Remember transition employees get severance. So they are part of 2000.

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You don't think that average age of the two categories being very close is an accident, do you?

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I don't believe transition people were identified as "selected for separation" = YES. Based upon my personal reading and knowledge of some of the roles identified as Yes/No, I think that transition employees are listed under NO.

I certainly could be wrong...

Here's the wording from the document:

"The first group of each decisional unit lists information (by age and job title) about employees who were selected for employment separation. This group of employees is eligible to receive a Severance Package in accordance with the terms and conditions of CA’s Severance Plan. The

second group of each decisional unit lists information about the other employees within the

same decisional unit (by age and job title) who were not selected for employment

separation and who, therefore, are not eligible to receive a Severance Package."

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Yes, transitioning on the way out the door (3-9 months).

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Does this 2000 number include transition employees too?

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There is a column “selected for separation” the values are YES or NO. I assume transition people would be listed as YES

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How are those who are being kept until May/June 2019 (like most of Islandia Support) listed in this?

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Thanks and for the record I’m a stay. Someone was kind enough to share the document with me.

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If i could like this I would, great job

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