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Efficiency consultants hired in Mpls/St Paul market

Efficiency consultants have been hired. This was reliably confirmed by an outside source.

Let’s use this forum to exchange updates, locations and information for the good of the group.

Citi National is hiring locally. JP Morgan is also expanding to the area. Recruiters are reaching out, resumes should be up to date. Severance has been limited to years of service, really insufficient for full time employees that assume good faith.

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Ask about the Robotics Process Automation initiative. Everything from underwriting to loan decisions at the branch and other processes will be streamlined and automated. THOUSANDS will go need to find another job. Future is here people!

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Correct, 12 efficiency specialists hired on a 2 year contract. First they will embed and observe and then craft the cuts. Layoffs to follow. Many managers who were unaware of the first round (news sources broke it to most) are trying to reassure that layoffs are over. How can they know when they weren’t advised of this round?! This is irresponsible and incompetent .

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