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Forget about improving at Avaya

One would think, considering that Avaya is emerging as a reinvented company, that it would need to attract new talent and retain the one it has, but it seems that the management is doing exactly the opposite. I mean, who in their right mind would want to stay longer at a company with where the chance of getting promoted is next to miracle, hoping for a raise are considered wishful thinking, and where the benefits package is a joke? Why would anyone want to put up with all that and be constantly afraid of being laid off, as the criteria for that is not that the worst performers are cut.? It’s no wonder that the best performers and experienced folks are leaving, and Avaya is slowly becoming a company fit only for newcomers just out of college, who want to learn a thing or two about the business, and who will also leave at the first sign of better opportunities.

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Even in last 10 years non of the campus recruitment has worked longer than 3 years and 1st year goes in learning :)

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