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2019 Optum layoffs

Just want to start a thread so we can consolidate the info for 2019 layoffs at Optum. Not sure if you have anything right now but it's good to have a place where we can discuss it.

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Laid off due to 'changing business needs' after almost 20 years with OT. Offered severance package. Contacted attorney to review and retained same on a contingency basis. Finding appropriate contact information for UHG's general consel is difficult to say the least as no telephone number or email address, except general information (eg, HR Direct), however, knowing the corporate culture which drives the desire to 'pass the buck' was helpful in this regard. Typical UHG inepititide and sleeziness.

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Company was recently acquired by Optum. Departments merging and supervisors made to justify the workload. "We are overstaffed."

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It's not just performance. It's budget. I have gotten 4's and 5's over a decade of service. It's all about budget and no one is safe. Except for senior mangement as usual. Be prepared, be ready, have a plan.

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correct on the 20% each quarter. I can absolutely confirm that. Over 1000 people were notified yesterday and today. Rumor has it most 29 and 30's will be cut and the teams will report to Sr. directors. If you are part of optum IT, you should be very concerned

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20% reductions every quarter in 2019. This is to 1) reduce the likelihood of bad publicity by doing it all at once and 2) moving a lot of tech roles offshore. Staff with eval ratings of 1 or 2 are the first targets in 1st qtr 2019, followed by staff that are consistently ranked a 3 for the last two years or more. Already been told that 20% of 3's are to receive no bonus; our merit pool (salary) is only around 1.7%. After decades of employment here I no longer enjoy coming to work - despite all their talk of a positive culture all they've built is a culture of constant fear, mistrust, and stress. I've actively started looking for another employer.

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If you live in these states, please learn about the WARN Act

Your employer must give you sixty days written notice before they eliminate your job (and pay you for those sixty days)

Colorado Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification


New Jersey

New Mexico




Florida Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act

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If your employer selected you for a layoff, under Federal law, your employer is required to give you 60 days notice (and pay you for those 60 days).

The 60 days is in addition to any severance you may be entitled to. This is required under the Federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act

In most states, there is also a state agency that enforces a similar law

If your employer does not give you the 60 days notice (and / or does not pay you for those 60 days), you may file a complaint with these state agencies. These are only a handful of agencies

If your state is not listed here, please type state name Warn Act in any search engine to identify the agency for your state

Since WARN started as a Federal law, please review this information:

Minnesota’s Mini-WARN Act

Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act

Connecticut Department of Labor

New Jersey Business Closing/Mass Layoff Notification Law

New York State Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act

Arizona Department of Economic Security

Illinois Department of Commerce and Local Workforce Innovation Areas (LWIAs)

Commonwealth of Massachusetts or the Department of Career Service (DCS) Rapid Response team

N.C. Department of Commerce Division of Workforce Solutions

Texas Workforce Commission

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If the company plans to eliminate positions, I suspect they will eliminate older workers because they are paid more than younger workers. Therefore, older workers must share info and help each other out. This web site could be used to exchange some info, but we need a place that is password protected were people can be more candid.

Does anyone know of a service that will host a discussion group that is password protected?

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Today we were told that performance eval guidelines have been changed and that 5% of each organization MUST have "resources" (i.e. people) that score only 2/5 . In this range a performance plan is mandatory. Which leads us to the next question - will these 5% be targeted for the next round of layoffs? It will be interesting to see the age group of people who will be receiving performance scores of 2.

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I heard the "portals" teams are cutting a little. Wasn't told what roles, but allegedly one with recent org changes.

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