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Rank and yank

At least when GE used the rank and yank, you had to be rated low 2 consecutive times to be fired. And you were given a year for improvement. Micron's rank and yank is much more harsh. The 90 day option is bogus. They just want the employee to take the severance and leave. If you have a low performer, why not give them a chance to move to another department since Micron is so desperate for employees. Then, If they are still ranked low, the severance package is then justified? This would help eliminate biased or bad managers from letting good employees go. I know several former micron employees who are highly successful at other companies. So why were they not successful at Micron?

Laying off skilled employees and then claiming you can't find enough qualified workers is ludicrous, yet Micron has been doing this for years…

Tend to agree with @WBgDwnb-4ard on this. He summed it up well.

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Stop worrying about losing your jobs and start looking for a new one! You might make half the money but will not have to deal with the Micron BS which is not going to go away. The rank and yank is the new layoff system and now they have it so you get no severance package. So if you have been there several years and are getting a 3 ranking you are soon to be the next two and gone.

If you are a 4 and happy stay...

Just my two cents!

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The severance package given at the end of 2018 is the last of it. There will be no severance package provided in the future if the CEO meant what he said.

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The sense of entitlement is strong with this one

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