Thread regarding Nielsen layoffs

Poland Super Hub

The plan for a Super Hub in Poland - to cut costs

Its up and running - some good people

I have just been doing training and was asked ;

1) What does FMCG stand for?

2) What is an ASCII file?

To be honest our service will suffer if we employee low-cost employees - an average of £19K v £28K comparing the UK to Poland - not worth it if we lose a big contract

Already complaints from Sainsbury around this topic - I am a client manager and just annoyed that the company thinks this is a good strategy - quality counts not cost in these deals

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Cannot see how a third world country on the edge of a very battered Europe - more like Russia can help us in any way. Already staff are traveling from Oxford on a weekly basis to Warsaw which runs up costs and does not help the bottom line in the short term. The best idea was to centralize on the old Oxford site and not sell it for a c-ap new building which has no soul. And yes I have been to Poland and other states that are at the edge of Europe. Lack of personality is an issue with the people and lack of imagination both of the employees and management. I work in the Ops team an have for many years.

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Personally, if anyone at Nielsen does not know what FMCG stands for it very worrying.

ASCII file not relevant to me - just technical file and characters that were defined long before I was born.

So far the Polish team have been very good but time will tell - High turnover will be an issue maybe ??

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Sadly YES we do need to know what an ASCII file is :)

It is attitudes like this which mean we have no depth in knowledge when we have errors and non-ASCII characters appearing in our files which are then taken by clients and breaking their imports.

And it is why Poland Super Hub will fail - lack of care for the client

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What is an ASCII File. Has anyone needed to know that since 1987?

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