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Change doesn't care about the employees or the customers

They think we are as stupid as they are. I've worked in different companies, large and small, in different cities and states, and have never experienced anything remotely as bad as Change Healthcare. I feel bad for the employees who have had to put up with this for years on end. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the numerous problems with this company. It's bad enough they don't care about the employees ; it's worse that they don't care about their customers. They don't acknowledge the fact that without customers or employees, they'd have to find other ways to line their cashmere pockets and get mega bonuses while giving less than 2% increases to employees while continuing to look for more ways to cut employee benefits.

Thought that @URoXMq1-1jaza was on point in this post

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Well said. Your explanation is abundantly clear and relevant if you take a step back and look at the state of CHC. I’ve talked with several prospects that are “chatting with” CHC and they’ve said pretty much the same thing: “We should probably wait until the IPO and see what kind of company this turns into”.

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@WdsoFCd-umr Giving you a vigorous slow clap. This is what I have been saying. Thank you for using analogies that articulate it so well.

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All true but this isn’t a real company. It’s a “numbers flip”, a “metric play,” a soulless collection of generally good companies all bought by an owner with the intent of running them cheaply for a while, keeping any profits, hobbling it with over 6 billion in debt, with the ultimate goal of selling it to the street. If you were renting then selling your house you probably wouldn’t spend much on it anyway. Why put in an expensive chandelier (well paid excellent top retention workers) when a cheap fixture (outsourced labor/more automation) would suffice though with higher failure rates?

This is a soulless, heartless conglomerate of previously decent companies. The goal is to sell the whole thing so the owners (Blackstone and McK) make a killing. That’s the goal, that’s how it’s done, that’s the reality and to expect otherwise is asking a brain damaged goldfish to recite Milton’s Paradise Lost or do quantum physics. Not going to happen.

If your looking for a company with a soul and a future, probably best to take a pass on chc and look elsewhere.

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