Thread regarding Change Healthcare layoffs

Glassdoor rating down to 2.8

And I thought Change Healthcare was an amazing company.... I guess the people are speaking and have had enough of the incompetent management. Too bad those fake planted 5* reviews didn’t work to pull up that thinly covered veil.

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The "5 star" reviews look short and vague and appear to be fake because they have been copied from your iLead homework. You didn't really think that it was a required "course" for Change University credit did you? Wait, you did?

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The "Featured Review" is a great example of an obviously fake review. A plant which was made so the CEO could eagerly jump on and make a comment. I wonder why it is the featured review, when the review I wrote eviscerating the company has had a much higher "Helpful" rating for some time.

They are getting more clever and adding some fake 3 and 4 star reviews to make it less obvious. You can tell because they are extremely vague and low effort. Look at this brilliant work:

"Good Experience"


It is a continuous evolving landscape


Every large company has its pitfalls"

A positive headline but just vague, general statements. It's like they outsourced the job to a lame PR firm.

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I wonder what the score would be without the fake 5-star reviews, probably a 1.9 ( which would be accurate).

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