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Dishonest company

Payless, especially its officers, head a talentless group on a fast-sinking ship. There is zero innovation, and it’s sad to know that so many highly compensated people can’t parlay themselves into another opportunity somewhere else ... LinkedIn tagline: I was a VP of a billion dollar company that went bankrupt. HIRE ME!!

The company is moving to Dallas and will be liquidated.

Ridiculous buying decisions, terrible quality, and arrogance killed a once great company. You did this to yourselves. Go park a Cadillac between the head of IT’s gap between his teeth and cry yourself to sleep.

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I worked in IT at Payless during the 1980's and led a crack IT team to develop the best systems in the industry. Then I got laid off and went to Wal-Mart and helped develop the best systems in the industry. Sweet revenge.

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Not bitter - I’m working for one of the most successful companies in the country. We bring billions to the bottom line. It’s amazing. Let me be clear my experience with Payless did not get me that job. When they ask about Payless they look at me like someone who had a leg amputated. Everyone I speak to distances themselves from their Payless experience due to the business failure and the people that led to it.

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Bitter Baby,

Too bad you let your bitterness and anger show. Some of what you say is true, but to denigrate and lump all the hard-working employees that remain in Topeka into your sh--ty statement, devoid of any empathy, says a lot about you. You were probably part of the problem - good riddance.

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