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Do we even get severance?

I've been checking around, and while companies that have filed for bankruptcy sometimes do pay out severance to its employees (unlike the case is with liquidation,) it is by no means a guarantee. Which now has me worried that we might be denied... —  read more 

This is all on incompetent management

How many people will lose their jobs due to incompetent management? Bad mistake after bad mistake was made that slashed our profits and sales and the only way they knew how to "fix" it was to reduce number of people in stores and put unrealistic... —  read more 

How things have changed...

This used to be an amazing company once upon a time. We did well for as long as we focused on core product and employees. Once those things changed - especially once employees stop being treated like an asset and instead like a disposable cost -... —  read more 

It’s hypocritical to blame the competition

In every article that I read on the liquidation it’s mentioned that one of the main factors that contributed to the company’s demise is the emerging of a strong competition on the market and that the big players like Walmart and Amazon entered the... —  read more 

It's Over

It's official: all 2100+ remaining US locations to be liquidated. Will actually be the largest liquidation event by number of store closures in American history. —  read more 

Dishonest company

Payless, especially its officers, head a talentless group on a fast-sinking ship. There is zero innovation, and it’s sad to know that so many highly compensated people can’t parlay themselves into another opportunity somewhere else ... LinkedIn... —  read more 

More Payless HQ layoffs in 2018

Payless is determined to thin out the Topeka workforce to the extreme. More layoffs have been announced, this time it's around 50 employees. Well will it stop, I wonder?... —  read more 

2018 Layoffs

Given the cuts that are going right now and projections that 40% of staff can be eliminated - what are your thoughts about 2018 - how will things pan out for Payless (both corporate and stores)

September layoffs at Payless?

More layoffs in September - I am hearing that Saw this in another thread, but I have not heard any whispering about another wave of layoffs. I thought that after the last wave of closures and layoffs, we would be safe for at least a while. Can... —  read more 

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