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Cecere doesn't care about people, just numbers. And he's flexing. Time to Unionize.

Under Richard Davis, the Bank was humane. It genuinely cared about its people. Now after a year and a half Cecere is feeling confident enough to flex, and to him, people are just expenses. If he's doing this when times are good, how will he treat employees during a downturn?

There's a climate of fear now, where there used to be collaboration and mutual support in furtherance of a goal. All that has been thrown away, and it's getting worse by the day. Morale is in the pit.

Forming a Union may be the only solution.

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They have branches that literally have 4 people ! Managers worry when employee is going to go on vacation or call in sick. Runaway from this company !

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Agree! They are laying off people who have been with the bank for many years. Morale is tanking and branches are under stress and not adequately staffed.

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