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The CEO of Company need to take action

The layoffs are continuing to down spiral worse each week now. We currently lose a large number of employees from the Global BSA team. There is no telling whether or not I will have a job tomorrow or next week. Majority of the layoff is is currently focus at Underwriters, Quality Assurance, and few other departments in the Olathe Share Offices.

It is recent news Joseph Trezza ( Head of Operations in Olathe) step down from his position for a different job locate in Florida before he announced the layoff in the Olathe KS. There a number of long term employees willing to stay to get their severance package until the company is close their office worldwide. I am smart compare other id--ts at this time continuing to apply for jobs and ready to move on for job with more financial stability. AIG is taking a big hit in stock market down to 5% as well 1.5 to 1.7 billion dollars in year 2018 for Q3.

Employees are now waiting for the entire company to close down before year 2019. The CEO continues to hire executives making six figures to reduce finances and merge job department roles while others like I am making no more than $16.25 per hour for the last three years. I can't honestly trust their AIG system anymore. There is no telling if they have enough company provide severance package with STI bonus checks for thousands of employees working for AIG.

I am disappointed - there might be no possibility chance they come back after they file bankruptcy in year 2008. The CEO of Company need to take action his his hands to do what is right for the employees.

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The guy making six figures has to work with an uninspired workforce already under the gun after all the RIF's creating a stressful workload. It took years for Hank Greenberg to build up the company. Granted he made mistakes with the derivatives but he wasn't around to fix them either. You have all the ingredients for a terrible 2019. Perhaps, AIG could merge with another company. Nothing would surprise me at this point. They have a bigger mess than September, 2008. The company still had the revenue then to payoff the government. Downsizing and selling off assets has provided no other alternatives but to cost cut. Too Big to Fail? More like too small to survive.

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"...The CEO continues to hire executives making six figures..."

I have some bad news for you

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He doesn't care about you or anyone else. There is also no guarantee for severance packages and the STI bonus will be just about nothing seeing how the company lost all 4 quarters. I predict in 2019, they will do away with both. AIG doesn't care, period!

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