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How is Avaya doing currently?

Is it good to join Avaya in India now? I came across this blog while researching for Avaya. How much average hike an employee get every year? How is the management and HR policies. Any help would be really appreciated.

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If you haven't joined yet then please don't take this disastrous decision until and unless your current organisation is total c-ap or else if you have been fired from current org.

Remember, this has been end of road for many people who switched job and especially those who relocated. Please help yourself and your family and find another offer based on the current offer you got from Avaya. My friend and I got the offer from Avaya whereas I left them in two years after pathetic environment but my friend is yet not finding job as there are very few jobs for his profile.

This is a sinking ship and has no vision to compete with competitors. Sorry, if this was blunt but it's true.

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The only good thing about Avaya is it's tax saving policies, car and nps. So if u want to buy car join Avaya or if u r looking for driver less car look for other options.

The culture is too political and you won't find HR in Avaya they are just to send auto reply :)

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You can join Avaya but don't quit existing job. You can do work for your existing employer from Avaya's office. Nobody would notice.

Management and HR policies is an oxymoron in context of Avaya India.

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