Thread regarding Cisco Systems Inc. layoffs

Which position “safer” for 50+

If any, which positions below could be more sustainable against layoff at Cisco. Consider age 50, hardworking and motivated employee:


2)Sales Engineer

3)Software Engineer

4)Solutions Architect

5)Line Manager

I imagine 1) and 3) are very vulnerable.

It seems number 4 is a timing bomb? Problem is that folks work in a mix of business and technology. If one gets laid off, it becomes discrimated by network engineers as a “marketing guy” and perceived as a “techy” by managers.

If one has the personality for 5), certainly the most stable till retirement.

Any ideas?

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Well, I am now AM at CSCO. 59+ years of age and counting. 20+ years within the great company, though changed a lot during the years. Young generation is now booming, but for diversity reasons some of us old timers are kept in the teams.

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Short answer, no position is safe at any age but especially at 50+. I personally know people in every one of those roles who were impacted.

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If one has the personality for 5), certainly the most stable till retirement.

your next two bosses in reporting chain needs to be drinking buddies/cronies though and you need to bring absolute obedience to their table. and pray that they are in place till your retirement.

:) just saying.

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So you have the ability to choose among those five? Well done.

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