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New Xerox but Global still selling Japan inc.

I’m pretty sure the rest of the office technology world is laughing as Xerox CEO says there is no more global imaging. Last I checked, global imaging still does 1/3 of its revenue from businesses selling products other than Xerox. Imagine the brainpower watching this company crumble. How’s this ode? Be Xerox! During my time at the Xerox corporation it meant something to sell the Big red X. Where did leadership lose it’s way?

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Your information is incorrect. Xerox is the #1 product at every XBS location. I'm sure there are some cores that sell software, printers (for MPS Contracts), and yes, even copiers made by someone else other than Xerox, but so does most of the industry.

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Global just has a new name, chill out. And revenue is revenue. Xerox is more than just boxes. It is limited mindsets like your post that got Xerox into the position it is.

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