Thread regarding Sears layoffs

Thanks for the time spent posting useful information and giving people a heads up.

This message board has been a great place for keeping up on what was going on. However everything posted now is opinion or already available in the news. The fact that much of it is fake leaves me to move on. Again, thanks to the people who provided real and relevant information.

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Your posts were deleted to prevent you from hurting yourself further damage from patting yourself on the back..

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Yes, many posts have been deleted and I’m not sure why.

A week ago I posted everything that would (and did) transpire this week. Some of Those posts were deleted others buried.

I was attacked viciously for being a “windbag” but everything I posted came to fruition with the exception of the day the news would break which I admit I got wrong. (The announcement was delayed to prevent the liquidator leeches from increasing their bids)

I have no idea who is behind this. None of the posts were offensive or attacked anyone, nevertheless they were deleted or buried.

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Won't be too much longer that posts will be referring to Sears in the past tense after things get liquidated.

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I suspect a lot of the more useful insiders simply left the company too. HE is a wasteland now.

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