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Layoffs yesterday

In case anybody cares, there were more layoffs at Quest yesterday. Is it just me, or has this company lost even the semblance of job security?

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Look at how Jeff (and his minions) have run other companies and you see the pattern.

Sell off any tangible assets (ie buildings) under the "we're not a real estate company".

Drastically cut people on day 1 (he cut close to 1/3 of Quest) to "streamline operations"

Fail to understand the business so continue cutting. Profit is only made by increasing revenue or cutting costs and with no understanding, cutting is the only option.

Bring in larger numbers of C-level execs for their "expertise". This means hiring his friends from his previous failed ventures.

Get all aspects of the business operating exactly the same way. This makes the company attractive to other companies because they don't have to listen to various exceptions to the standard operating procedures

"Fudge the books" to make the company look successful (profit by cutting, not growing - but show a profit)

Sell the company to the next s---er on the list (DXC, Microfocus, Broadcom) for a nice chunk of change and have the execs reap large $$$ for doing such a great job

Lather, rinse, repeat from the Gordon Gecko playbook - greed is good!

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Okay just saw this in another thread: "Big numbers gone , One Identity and Quest too. The triad is operational, it may now be even more impossible to raise like the Undertaker."


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