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This is The new Normal for all Big Insurance companies

Look at what is happening in the country, Mandatory enrollment in health care is no longer mandatory and it shouldn't be, and the ACA is trash, so, what happens is these filthy rich companies ride on our work to get that way and when they make a little less in profit than they want they lay us off this is what is happening at this company, also they can farm american jobs out to overseas people for half the pay and no benefits, there is no such thing as full time employment in IT anymore its all contract c-ap with pay comparable to that of a Walmart employee. Try looking for a Job in IT and all it is is contract work no benefits and 12 to 14 dollars and hour. This company doesn't give a sh_t about its employees and they never have.

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True. Your job is to deduce all of the ways that they break US and State Law. They break lots of laws. There are schemers sitting in the back rooms. The schemers know that there are clawback provisions in the laws. That is why the schemers have been passing their assets into trusts. Right Judy? How many trusts do you have?

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Should have realized that layoffs were happening when we had to do mandatory work place violence training. First time, ever for THAT training.......

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