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The former GE plant in Erie is under new ownership . In effect , unless prior agreements were made between the purchaser and unions , the union has no authority to dictate to the new owner .

" the lunch bucket " is all the worker has invested as the company pays all else ,

like property tax to local governments ,

right , that support workers only because they need the revenue to blow on useless

projects . That Slawson fellow and associates had a big hand in the demise .


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Strong unions RAISE SOCIETAL living standard. Verbal threats change little. That's why countries have armed militaries. Because verbal communication holds no one absolutely accountable. Its time to negotiate with Wah Wah Wah-btec's King on a tall bridge and some rope. Bring back Hoffa. God bless the UNION!!!

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No fella...corporate Greed is the source of the Demise. And generally, the source of the Demise of this once great country as well. People like YOU are the source of the demise because you fail to recognize (or flat out ignore) the truth of the matter. You sir are part of the problem NOT that Slawson fellow.

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