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We will invest $4.5 billion and create 6,500 jobs at five plants in Michigan

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Detroit residents will have the chance to get jobs at a new Fiat Chrysler plant before anyone else, thanks to a unique deal the automaker made with the city.

Fiat Chrysler is building a new $1.6 billion plant and spending $900 million to revitalize another. Under the terms of a land development deal with Detroit for the new plant, the company will consider city residents for jobs before anyone else, the Associated Press reported.

Laid-off and temporary Fiat Chrysler workers will get preference ahead of other residents, according to the report.

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There was a good post on Ford's site here on - check it out:

I often times see people post about the "media" or "news" when commenting about auto industry layoffs. People need to realize that the media will not "bite the hand that feeds it". That is why you see the layoffs reported but never anything in-depth or investigative as to the "why", "who" and "how". The recent General layoffs proved that. One day and coverage of it was over. No heart-wrenching stories about the laid-off engineer and his family of 5. No stories about how the layoffs were handled and how long dedicated employees were treated. I have seen posts from people suggesting that the "media" should hear about this or that. The reality is that the media is almost like the PR arm of the company. They report what they are given. "Job cuts" and "white collar firings" are repackaged as "austerity plans". Positive stories lead to greater access to the "company", its celebrity CEO's, and sponsored perks for these media types. Just look at the "pop-ups" on even this site and all of the Detroit media sites and you will see why the real stories of these layoffs will never get covered. The days of the hard-charging investigative reporter looking for the corruption and asking the hard questions are over. Don't count on the Detroit media to expose anything or provide any real information about these layoffs. Their best customers just want it to go away.

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Yeah, we'll see about this. Every time they lay off they also say they are hiring. It's a smoke screen used by the management to divert attention - I'd wander what the net result of firing and hiring will be - FCA should have only one metric - total US based headcount. If this goes down, we have a problem. They have media in their pocket, they will not report anything FCA does not like.

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