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SAP Layoffs and the new Layout...

There is a lot to be determined with the layoffs this week:

  1. Limited technology ambition and competence

Bjorn is removed and all his product teams are slaughtered: ABAP, HANA, UI, JAM, Big data, Mobile and many more. I do not think it just Neo, but services on any cloud. Also heard there are more services to be cut!

If you are still working on SAP technologies, I dare say to keep your skills sharpened to get a job outside.Look at the HANA and ABAP folks they have thrown under the bus. Every product leader knows it takes new ideas a long time to catch on. It takes serious ambition to succeed in the market! But there is no product leader at the top - it either Sales, Operations or Finance - not one of them products !!

  1. Acquire and Grow Only

With sales and operations folks on the top should we now see regular acquisitions to increase topline, regular restructurings to improve bottomline and aggresive advertising to keep people fooled (diversity, XOXO, ...)?

More questions:

  1. Would SAP be still a good place to work? My guess is that it would be okay for business professionals: sales, marketing, and other admin tasks, maybe even the best for those working in mergers and acquisitions.But sadly SAP is running away from its engineering culture. Not a great time to be in SAP if you have the aspirations to ideate and build new products. Hop over to the yet-to-be-acquired companies?

  2. Does SAP want to control the work of every programmer from Germany? That would explain the need for cheap and obedient labour - so,SAP would consiously avoid hiring experienced programmers, specializing instead in recent graduates only? Would new hiring be focussed only in low-cost regions?

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As the boss said it:

We are going to move our people and our focus to the areas where the new economy needs SAP the most: IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and quantum computing.

Are we missing anything else?

We'll - I think we should stick with ERP, that's kind of what we know to do well

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SAP seems to follow the Oracle path of irrelevance through multiple acquisitions. In the last 10 years, they lost completely the CRM market to in their own backyard, even disregarded the merger proposition by Bennioff himself, alienated loyal engineers and customers with their diversity/inclusion/LGBTQ/mindfulness/New Age mumbo jumbo, inviting controversial people at conferences like Obama (History ink is still wet on the man) and Oprah...

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oh boy you nailed it OP...

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But sadly SAP is running away from its engineering culture.

SAP's Engineering Culture died this week. Full stop. Period.

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