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Let's face it, current & former employees...oh and the vendor community too, TALK

Let's face it, current & former employees...oh and the vendor community too, TALK. I left over a year ago (my choice, not ASO's) and I keep in touch with former colleagues (the few that are still there, that is) & vendors. When you go through 5 solid years of "looming layoffs" turned into actual layoffs (most predicted pretty accurately by the "leakers", FACT) you band together and you talk, fret, & worry.

It's exhausting & unproductive....I couldn't do it I got off my a-- and did something (yes, there is life on the other side). I'm not bitter, just kinda sad. Hopes of a turnaround are fading/gone. I went in a store a few months ago (first time since I left) and literally cried at what my old category, and the store as a whole has's a disgrace to Academy's core values & painful to see. In an ever-increasing & complicated market, retailers must stay relevant & ASO has lost sight of that IMO. My wish for my friends still there, hoping to survive the next round of "slash & burn", is to network & prepare for your next move. Take care of #1 (you!) **sidenote: really encouraged to hear MG has exited....a glimmer of hope....okay a sliver maybe, but it's something…

Well said @Xbd5yF3-nlp . Decided to repost this.

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It’s really sad how as execs try to please the vendor community and make changes they, the vendors, want made. It only drives the company away from the core DNA that made the company what it was, and why it grew the way it did. The cutomers are turning away because of this. The change of footwear to vendor based instead of pricepoint based is a perfect example. Stop pandering to the vendors, and give the customers what THEY want. I miss my old co-workers I worked with over the years who are gone. I seriously think O&G is more secure of a job market at this point, and that’s saying something.

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