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Left Nationwide a year ago and not regretting it

I left Nationwide a year ago after finally having enough of being micromanaged and being expected to forget about having a life outside of work, and I have not regretted it for one second.

I still feel for my friends who still work there. From what they are telling me, nothing has changed. They are still expected to work day and night, they are still expected to do unethical things just to close claims ASAP...

My advice to everybody is to get out. There are much better options out there.

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NW is notorious for treating one inside one way vs other insureds. They pay one claim and then change their minds and deny the other person. Exact same scenarios and they just don’t pay them. They change the rules on whim with no legal basis. I could go on and on. Then you get into their layoffs and notice that no one over 30 is being laid off, they are dumping salaries to lighten up before selling. NW is a joke for a company. Their best places to work for is a joke. If you don’t give them a 5 they roll up departments results and figure out who said what. Then all the sudden that person has a “bad” review and they are gone. If your still working for NW you better get out before the next 1000 to get laid off.

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Unethical things... what do you mean? I’ve worked for NW for 2.5 years and I have not ever been told to do an unethical thing with a claim, nor have I ever heard stories of unethical things being done with claims. If anything, NW is generous and fair with its claims settlements. almost to a fault. Please provide examples and evidence.

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