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Reorg after reorg

It looks to be like the constant reorgs, in which more or fewer workers always grab the bitter end, lack any real purpose other than to cut cost by laying off people. In fact, they created an atmosphere of confinement and uncertainty which prevents work to be done at a normal pace and affects the overall efficiency. When changes are done in this manner, and at a pace, that’s hard to follow it only creates a chaotic environment. Thee kind of practices are not only unnecessary but it slowly chops the “healthy tissue” from the company, via layoffs but also via a high turnover, given that whoever has another option doesn't want to participate in this anarchy and chaos and was away as soon as he can.

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What area are you in?

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I know our area is "toxic". Morale is at the lowest I have ever seen in 15 years. I hope to get out within the next few weeks. Management continues to breakdown the "healthy tissue" . Your best bet at this point is to get the [email protected] out of Dodge!!

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