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Can we choose a strategy and stick to it?

How many times does Nationwide need to switch strategies before actually executing any of them to completion? Talk about inept corporate leadership.

We are constantly behind other insurance companies when it comes to adjusting to changing markets and it seems that nobody among the leadership is capable enough to correct our trajectory.

Maybe if we start creating financial plans based on facts and realistic expectations and not on what people are hoping will happen, we’ll be able to move forward.

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But remember those executives who make such poor decisions get to somehow keep their jobs, or retire to build multi-million dollar homes; and the associates are the ones who suffer most, given either the fate of a 60-day notice or keep their job and become more overworked, underpaid, and micro-managed to death.

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With all the layoffs morale is in the toilet. Workloads have tripled and our members are paying the price because we can’t provide the service they deserve. They expect us to “desk adjust” claims and they got rid of all of us field reps. This strategy will cost them money when they no longer have company eyes and ears to fight fraud. I guess they have factored into their “lean” model. They are losing good talent and JV reps will be hired to pick up the pieces. I don’t see how this is going to end up well.

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