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This merger will cost many folks their job and it will not be pretty

Former BB&T employee here. BB&T is a great company with great benefits. There have been layoffs and restructuring of departments for the last couple of years.

The department I worked in was completely disbanded and the entire group was given severance packages at the end of 2017. A consulting group was brought in and in the past 6 months the layoffs have been all over the board, cutting jobs in middle management and upper management. With the overlapping of jobs there will be more layoffs forthcoming.

BB&T has always been top heavy with middle management and team leaders due to someone in the good ole boys club creating a position for another good ole boy. The LDP folks are placed in management roles when they come out of the program and most do not have any experience and are taught the job by seasoned veterans in the department.

This merger will cost many folks their job and it will not be pretty. BB&T employees lost their jobs after the Colonial merger once the Colonial Management were placed in executive management and upper management positions.

When there was an opening it was filled with a former Colonial employee. These folks had no clue about how things were done. I never understood why they were given management roles in lending when Colonial Bank failed!

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