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The Macy's Technology executives that come up with the plan to 'outsource' MT Field Services will keep their jobs and probably get a bonus...

Well, if finally happened.... The guillotine finally dropped. It's actually a relief after 5+ years of wondering "when" and not "if".

For those of you that still care about Macy's future, not to fret. They will continue to bring in multi-million high level executives that are supposed to be the company saviors.

The Macy's Technology executives that come up with the plan to 'outsource' MT Field Services will keep their jobs and probably get a bonus from the perceived savings.

For those of us that this has impacted, it would behoove us to use this opportunity to find a company to work for that views their employees as an asset and not a disposable commodity.

We, and our families, definitely deserve better. Best of luck to all of you in the future.

We should feel good about what we know we accomplished with our careers here even though our 'leadership' never did.

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After eliminating the Loss Prevention organization last year and hiring mostly OPS people to learn LP, the company came out of inventory with a $72,000,000 shortage increase. Somehow the inventory control and ops senior leaders figured out a way to do a RFID scan after inventory that miraculously reduced the shortage to just $24,000,000 over last years results. I hope that the money saved by eliminating the LP team was worth the crazy increase in shortage and whatever the cost of what was "cooked up" to get the company to make profit after a clearly disastrous result due to the decision by new senior leaders who thought that Macy 's was like Home Depot and that the LP team could be eliminated and replaced by Ops people who don't have the experience or the desire to work the LP side of the job without a cost greater than the payroll savings from the cuts.

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Macy's is doomed, They are cooking the books and laying off folks to make the bottom line look profitable. #pathtoconsolidation

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Start a petition.....get signatures, send it to Mike Davis, Hal Lawton. Better yet, I am directing my team to send emails. My Tech has awards hanging in the office and about 100 you count cards. Examples of the great job they do. Remember "results" matter. A shining example of team contribution lūeading our "path to growth".

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I remember when colleague engagement was a sincere concern for this company and leaders were focused on how the people and teams they led felt about working here. That was back when we had a truly anonymous engagement survey with more than six questions and areas for employees to provide frank and honest feedback about the company and it's leaders. Today we have the "Pulse" survey that identifies each employees and asks only six longer asking about the many things critical to an employer of choice organization. You would have to be a mo--n to honestly answer even the six questions as it is clear that everyone is identified and "disgruntled" survey response are a quick path to joining our MST team.

Take a look at the reviews and feedback from the executives and associates who are leaving the company in droves on message boards all over the internet. Now it's all about senior leader out of control ego's and people who work here have become a disposable commodity. MST team members should be happy they are getting out with a severance while the company is still offering them.

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They could have restructured their positions and lowered their pay scales, if payroll is the issue. I think many of them would have gone for this and understood. They are a big part of the stores teams. In more ways than one. I do not ever see NCR bending as a team with the stores.

I shall miss my MST folks! Please stop this out source. Our stores are going to feel the brunt of this foolish move.

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There you go...


I wanted to give a brief update on a few things regarding NCR. I know you all still have many questions and we will never answer those.

NCR is moving very fast to connect with you after you apply. We have 220 entry level positions available for our teams and I would advise that you should apply and strongly consider that they will low ball an offer. In addition, look at the other NCR jobs to see what else they have to offer (Janitor roles, parking lot attendant, etc) As of this morning they have received about 80 screwed over applicants and they are already calling people to discuss welfare opportunities. Their schedule is to have all offers made by 3/11 so the best course to determine your next step is to apply. As more information is available we will share the bare minimum, however in the meantime if any questions come up, send them to the manager, director or I. We in return will BS you with a fabricated answer or just ignore you entirely.


Mike Davis

VP Field Services and Collaboration

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I know for sure that both Jeff and Hal are reading this. Enjoy!

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