Thread regarding Target Corp. layoffs

There have been plenty of layoffs at Target

The only difference between us and other retailers is that they are done in small groups and not large waves as with other companies. Target lays off two people here, three there - it goes unnoticed my media and most of other employees and it gets the job done.

So yes, there have been layoffs at Target in the past two years.

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Ex manager at Target,

Walmart does the same thing. All big corporations are running the same playbook.

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hied: or, that person truly is the weak link on that team or function group and needs to go. Better their poor performance goes on for years????? Welcome to competitive based performance.

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Target plays a well planned and very well implemented strategical game of getting rid-off people without laying them off and still save their brand image while showing some savings followed by some profit.

This is how it goes: Every Leader asks his team of Managers to get or generate one weak link from his team who can be the scapegoat to reduce the cost and add to the verticals annual savings. The Managers then get on the task and will identify that one person whom they'd keep away from discussions, keep them busy with useless n manual tasks or don't even force them to work on anything and let their life be cool, allow them take as many leaves and vacations as they want and just spoil them with no work, don't give them any feedback, don't allow/motivate them to up-skill.

By the end of the year, the Manager starts making this candidate feel humiliated by bringing him in front of their Super Boss to present something that they've achieved at work. By then it's too late and it gets proved that that employee is a non-performer. This person then gets the lowest ratings with no bonus and gets a suggested by his/her Manager about the next steps of help thru Performance Improvement Plan (PIP). The Manager softly informs the employee to not to go to the HR to avoid an immediate termination.

This is now a sure shot candidate to go out of the organization due to performance issues without any layoff.

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then post something specific, meaningful and timely so as token people informed.

BTW "your position is being eliminated and you have 120 days to find another position in the corporation" is not a layoff. A layoff is: "Good morning, give me your badge, collect your belongings here is your package, I'll walk you out the door in 10 minutes." Truly a massive difference in the two scenarios for the TM involved....

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