Thread regarding Dean Foods Co. layoffs

Dean Food Bankruptcy

Probabiliy of Bankruptcy for Dan Food - this is something that should be taken with a grain of salt

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Yes I left dean foods too from Franklin ma

They lost stop n shop to DFA in the RI Area

Their senior management stinks

So many issues still going on

Zach’s downgraded their loss projections by 100%

The franklin mass plant was fined millions be EPA

First quarter call in May ought to be good to use ur stock as toilet paper

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My position was out-sourced to India, but I found a better position. I don't believe the GenPac group can handle the Dean Food problems.

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You tell me - we lost 90% of our market cap in about 2 years, is the market trying to tell us something?

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31 percent last I checked. Might as well cash out your stocks and cut your lossses. As a former employee from Deans. I got out of there before I lost my job.

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