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Just accepted new job out of state

Job worries made me look and just accepted new job that seems even better. Hopefully saves spot for another when I am gone in a few weeks. Dust off resume and be proactive.

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Remember no one can change what will happen but you can prepare. If not needed it will not be in babe, you can help those that were in wrong place to get job search going faster if you did some worst case preparation. I may be lucky but was shocked at how much I had let my resume either for 10 years. It takes a month to get into the systems on linked and resume updated till you begin to be noticed. Prepare now and help others if per chance you are lucky enough to be in area not hit. You can walk on water but if that pond is no longer considered strategic to Ford you will be cut. You can only better your future by acting now or help others that failed to prepare if all goes well for you as I pray it will. Don't wait to see if you survive the coming storms with no life preserver. You will come out stronger either way fatehappens.

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Well had to leave today, same day I gave 2 week notice. Will be crazy with new gig out of state for a while but excited. Hard to move on. Get yourselves ready and if no need at least you were ready. Happy trails

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Notified work today, not sure if will have me go to end of month or done today. Sad but things change. Off to a new adventure, good luck to all and God bless. I had 10 years.

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Nearly have my van conversion complete. We have been selling off everything we do not need, next the house. We are so looking forward to van life full time. I am done with the rat race.

We converted a Dodge van instead of a Ford because neither of us wanted to spend time looking at the blue oval while on the road.

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Great Job bud!

It feels like this country is trending downward.

the middle is being Squeezed... we are going back to a Fuedal State.

The Elite class; and the Servant class.

Get ready to "gig" folks!

Uber/Lyft me around town.

Door-dash me some fast food.

Grocery-shop me some groceries.

Walk my dog.

Stand in line for me for the next iPhone.

you get the point...

Not trying to be mean... just calling it like i see it.

Get OUT while you can.

Reinvent yourself while you can.

Downsize your lifestyle.

Rent out part of your home.

Hell, if possible, consider MOVE'ing to another country with a cheaper cost of living...

sigh :\

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Jealous much @1ifh ?

Those left behind are those who cannot leave.

Eventually Fords sweaty corporate bullocks will squash the life out of anyone with talent. Better to leave on your own terms while you still have marketable skills.

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Good, Trash is taking itself out

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Good plan. With so many unemployed hitting the SE Detroit market at once, it's going to be nigh impossible to find another job. Expand your search nationwide. There are many, many companies out there who actually appreciate your years of experience and expertise! Be flexible, and no fear. Jump in. The water's not that cold (except in the frozen Midwest and NE). Texas is always growing and needs manpower. It's time to experience something new. Trust me, you won't miss SE Michigan, which is a cultural and entertainment wasteland with bad roads and ugly women anyway!

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Good for you. The wise and talented self-select out and leave the stress behind. I have been interviewing and prepping the house for sale. I am so done with the nonsense at Fords. I know all companies have their issues but Fords has reached an insane level. The company is being run into the ground.

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Congratulations. No one wants to stay at a company that treats there senior resources like this. Eventually we all become 50+, earning the most money off our careers.

Hopefully, this will end after Hackett man's kids have inherited his millions.

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