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so keep the National Network but lay off as much as possible ? sounds like a Plan... a crazy Plan

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last I heard it was up to indv directors on a project by project basis to use contractors or in house but you see some GOV systems are a separate entity and don't work for National Field ops directors


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I overheard part of a conversation the other day that I think was a conference call between the National SRO's. They were talking about one of the big government contracts and how they were going to get all the work done with what little headcount they have. Apparently their plan is to try and pull these contracts off using National techs and BMO techs.

Part of the conversation was them planning to appeal to one of the directors to use our own people instead of using contractors on these government jobs. Apparently they are worried that if CTL starts using contractors on these jobs and are successful, they will have more of a case for getting rid of the national and BMO techs.

Unfortunately I didn't hear which jobs they were talking about. They are definitely concerned though about the company bringing contractors in to do the work.

I am sure they bought them line here is they are only concerned because they know if they get rid of the techs, they are next.

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