Thread regarding SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. layoffs

The company that gave up its core for money.

This has been along time coming SeaWorld rolled out that pay raise I do belive that they need it more than the employees. After three years all most people got was a quarter most companies with half a brain would have been stockpiling that three years of money saved invested it in a high yield account. And after three years of saving all that money they could be paying the employees seventy-five cents an hour off the interest alone. But then let's take a good look at that in three let's was it two or three ceos. Understandable why they couldn't do that fat paychecks to them and they in turn have done little or nothing for the company. Stock ha doubled and is falling back down wonder why. They have been buying it back at a rate of about 2 percent a year. That's public knowledge and there are only two reasons a company buys back it's own stock.


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