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Always err on the side of layoffs

Regarding more layoffs, if you have doubts and management won't confirm anything, I would assume the worst given it IS AIG. IT has taken huge hits in past 6 months, and I wouldn't expect the business side to escape unscathed, either. Glad to see they can now afford their own private jets, though.

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Since STI payouts a lot of folks have left AIG in positions of low and middle level management. Happens every year about this time, but much bigger moves in scope this year, and many are people of less tenure. They are voting with their feet.

Note to those who post that are active FTEs. HR pays very close attention to this board. You should be able to discern the moles from those who actually do work.

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You can't count on management to tell you anything regarding these RIFs, at least in IT. Those decisions were outsourced and done at a macro level, and approved at a group CIO level. VPs and below were caught completely off guard when their departments were decimated, and they were left to pick up the pieces. And there is no sign yet that it will stop.

The handwriting is on the wall, read it and make your decision as to what is best for you. But if you stay, do it as a decision not because of inertia.

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Sorry but the company made a decision on STI week not to pursue layoffs. A few here and there but nothing of substance. This company doesn't deserve the good people working for them. I have a great job working for a Swiss based company. They love me and I love them. You'll never find it at AIG .If you are pondering your future, make it happen at another company. The economy is doing well for now. Take advantage of it.

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