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Layoffs part of strategic growth plan

Isn't it great to know that those of us whose stores are closing and who are losing their livelihoods because of it are just a part of big "strategic growth plan?" I just wonder how we'll grow in all of this, seeing that we're out of a job...

Shame on Signet leadership for this!

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Could not be happening to a nicer company. Wait till the pressure of making your sales people push lease sales. Catch-up to the class action lawyers. Or the push to move out all the people that have 20 years plus experience. Which means most people over 50 years old. Another class action waiting to happen. Your supposed to be in the fine jewelry business. Not the 5 or 6 standards business. This is what keeps getting Signet into trouble. If the customer comes first. When dose

the company plan to listen to them. They want to deal with people they know and respect. They do not want to wait 2 weeks for a ring to be sized on a new purchase. Or much longer when your shops screw-up or your younger staffs fail to send the new ring to the shop in the first place. Need I go on. This company has repeated a mistake they made a long time ago . When Gerald Ratner was more about being the biggest in size instead of the best in service. Well sorry stock holders. The days of begging a McAdams or a Burman to come out of retirement and save your a-- is done. Enjoy the ride.

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This is what I'm talking about, if anybody was wondering:

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