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Don't you just love...

Working for an office that has a seemingly infinite amount of return mail, which our clients have not received. GREAT WORK management... you would think something like this would have been forecast and dealt with in advance. Now... employees are going through it piece by piece and reaching out to brokers for the correct addresses, per mail. You would think we applied to work for a USPS high-school internship position.

When employees in their younger twenties comment on how embarrassing problems such as this are, you know the company is managed by incompetent id--ts..and the employees with fresh ideas and exceptional tech/digital skills are punished with doing "mail" for 8 hours a day.

Yep, this is AIG

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And they think having minimal employees who through each one individually, finding the broker's contact info in our garbage software platform, and sending them message is really going to fix the issue?? That's hilarious.

It's like asking me to go outside with a garden rake to clean the yard during a tornado. Frankly, jobs like this are insulting

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maybe it's because so many people were laid off things like maintaining a proper mailing list of email addresses ends up sliding through the cracks as an insignificant detail which we all know is not an insignificant detail it becomes very important welcome to AIG

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