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Major GTI layoffs

JPMChase just had a meeting yesterday announcing that 50% of the GTI staff @ Jersey City location was going to be terminated to make room for the Sr management move from 270 park renovation. It's very sad to have learned this especially when they told people that automation was not going to replace them, but instead sharpen our toolset.

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GTI's Upper management s—s.. They were scared of how well Cards IT side was working they decided to get rid of like 99.9% of them and keep the c-appy Managers and upper management from GTI who knows nothing about running Card locations.

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You may send your thank you postcards to Brian Dillon_assole for the cuts, the negative valance of his words in the last meeting, demostrated that his thoughts, and deeds are not kind. In essence, at the end everything we do creates a corresponding energy that comes back to us in some form or another. Karma.

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