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Signs your campus might be closing

My guess is by Summer. A good indicator for a given campus would be show rate, number of instructors not teaching, overall campus student count vs number of students they budgeted for, trying to lease existing space and not being able to, employees talking about layoffs and closures, a campus president that you cant get a straight answer from. Just to name a few of the signs.

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My bet is that Rancho and Exton are next.

Time will tell.

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When I hear the term "Legacy Campus", the only thing it makes me think of is what legacy really means when it comes to computer systems. Something that is outdated or obsolete. Something that will soon be replaced. If your at a "Legacy Campus", think about that. At our campus, you know the one that is closing, there has always been a feeling here that home office would like to forget about us. A feeling that they knew they made a mistake by opening a campus the size of Norwood. I think all the "Legacy Campuses" are just that. UTI's past. The leadership team has shifted gears to the Metro campus model. How close are Exton and Bloomfied to each other? If they can't fill Exton with students to capacity, how can they fill both Exton and Bloomfield? One will have to go sooner or later. Which one would you bet on?

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May be some truth to this last statement. No new curriculum. No job.

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Someone who sits in an office told me that if we teach at a campus that doesn't have the new curriculum we are more in danger of being laid off or closed because they haven't made a bazillion dollar upgrade to our training aids and stuff. So it will hurt less to close us.

Has anybody else heard anything like this?

Sorry if I am in the wrong place, I found this by using google.

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Anything different than this?

Enrollment and Campus locations[edit source]

As of June 30, 2016, UTI's enrollment was 10,300 students.[11]

Avondale, Arizona

Dallas, Texas

Bloomfield, New Jersey

Exton, Pennsylvania

Lisle, Illinois

Houston, Texas

Rancho Cucamonga, California

Mooresville, North Carolina

Norwood, Massachusetts (CLOSING FALL 2020) Not enrolling new students after March 2019[12]

Orlando, Florida

Sacramento, California

Long Beach, California

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The light switch quits working is a good sign. Or you show up to work on monday and The sign now reads “Home Depot”.

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if your campus says UTI or MMI on it, then it's closing.

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